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  About Us

   Since 1994 Criterion Packaging's greatest strength has always
   been - to find solutions to your packaging dilemmas...

    Given the most basic of information or sketches, our sales and design staff
    can offer help, advice and a wealth of experience to develop your ideas into a
    cost effective presentation that promotes as well as protects your product.

    From initial design concept through to the finished packaged products,
    Criterion ensures client service is at the forefront of our minds throughout.
    We work alongside each and every one of our customers, every step of the
    way to ensure production runs smoothly.

   This flexibility and willingness to help is a proven success.

    It’s one thing to offer great prices, but if the project is then riddled with
    problems, who loses out? It is our attention to quality at all levels and stages
    of the process and production, that ensures the end product is of the highest
    quality. We also ensure all our products and services are produced at the
    right price and at the right time.

    We are committed to new product development. This commitment ensures
    you will be made aware of the latest improvements and possibilities of our
    services at all times.

    Trusted by many of the worlds leading brands - Criterion Packaging have
    created many market leading packaging solutions for a wide range
    of markets.

    We measure the quality of our service and products by the
    level of our customers' satisfaction.

    As a conscientious supplier, we also take our environmental impact very     seriously. Our products are all made from one type of material, making     recycling at the end of their useful life much easier, as no separation is     required. Our production is constantly monitored to ensure minimal waste
    is generated. All the waste that is created by our production processes is     collected and taken to a dedicated plastics recycling facility. We can also add     internationally recognised recycling symbols and messages, to all our     products should you require them.

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